26-03-2018 Addtional car parks
PPS have recently secured a contract to manage the car parks at the home of Somerset County Cricket at the Cooper Associates County Ground together with the Coronation Park car park in Helston. Additional PPS have recently purchased a small car park in the middle of Bodmin town centre.
03-03-2017 Further success in court for PPS
PPS continue to have success in the County Courts with recent victories in Truro, Bodmin, Plymouth, Torquay, Exeter and Birmingham, following up on unpaid PCNs. Drivers are still going to courts in the belief that PCNs issued on private land are somehow invalid. This is despite the Protection of Freedoms Act cementing in law the legality of the issuing of PCNs on private land and the transferring of the liability to registered keepers if the drivers are not identified. This statute has been further clarified by the supreme courts ruling in Parking Eye v Beavis where additionally the Lords agreed that the charges levied were fair and reasonable
03-03-2017 PPS acquire land to build car park in Plymouth
PPS have had recently purchased land in the Barbican area of Plymouth to convert into much needed parking in this area. This ongoing project adds to the increasing portfolio of the company.
03-03-2017 News sites for PPS
Darthaven Marina has been the latest client PPS to have gone into partnership with on a long term basis. We very much look forward to taking over the parking on site and forging new relationships. This follows hard on the heels of our car parks opening under the Premier Inn at Southernhay Gardens, Exeter and a multi-storey facility near to the train station at Reading.
10-11-2015 NEWS FLASH
Judgments on ParkingEye Ltd v Beavis 04-11-2015

PPS can confirm that the above judgment and the highest Court in this country decided that ParkingEyes parking charge notice is enforceable on the basis that it protected a legitimate interest (to deter parking contraventions against the advertised terms and conditions of parking) and was not extravagant, exorbitant nor unconscionable. The parking charge is not an unenforceable penalty and does not breach the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. This is an important clarification of the law and one which cements the lawful authority of private car park management companies to operate on the land on which they manage, lease or own.

At para 107 of the ParkingEye judgment the Court said that ParkingEye has :

"a legitimate interest in imposing a liability on Mr Beavis in excess of the damages that would have been recoverable at common law. ParkingEye had an interest in inducing him (in this case to observe the two-hour time limit) in order to enable customers of the retail outlets and other members of the public to use the available parking space".

This ruling was subsequently cemented in the County Court in Plymouth on 05-11-2015 where the district Judge referred heavily to the Supreme Court ruling in upholding PPSs claim for an unpaid PCN and further held that PPSs PCN of £100 was fair and reasonable, together with additional legal costs of £50 added to the outstanding PCN.

19-03-2015 Further court success
At the Country Court in Plymouth, PPS recently won a case against a motorist who constantly failed to pay and display. In total a Judgment was made against the motorist for 10 outstanding Parking Charge Notices (PCN)s totalling £1000 and an additional £270 in legal costs. In another case, at the County Court in Horsham the District Judge again found in our favour against a driver who failed to pay their outstanding PCN after appealing to the independent adjudicator (POPLA) and losing that appeal. In this case £75 legal costs were added to the outstanding £100.

Last week at Exeter County Court a motorist disputed our claim against them for payment of an outstanding PCN where the driver had gone to POPLA and lost that appeal. In this instance the driver said we had no legal authority to operate and the PCN was not a genuine pre estimation of loss (GPEOL). In summary when ruling in favour of PPS, the Judge opined that landowners were legally and perfectly entitled to delegate the authority to others to manage their car parks and issue PCNs where appropriate. The Judge further stated that the PCN was a GPEOL and was fully explained and justified by PPS as such. Therefore it was found that the defendants case was without merit. PPS were awarded the £100 for the outstanding PCN and £137 in costs.
12-11-2014 Additional POPLA appeals regarding pre-estimation of loss
Additional sample adjudications from the independent appeals service POPLA. These drivers have again been ruled against when making a claim based on genuine pre-estimation of loss, the rulings below again demonstrate that we successfully defend these claims.
Examples of recent adjudications found in our favour can be seen here:

Adjudication 11
Adjudication 12
16-05-2014 Further POPLA appeals and pre-estimation of loss
Our latest adjudications from the independent appeals service POPLA, have again ruled heavily against drivers following inappropriate advice found on the internet. These drivers had pursued a perceived issue with our charges based on genuine pre-estimation of loss, the rulings below demonstrate that we successfully defend these claims.
Examples of recent adjudications found in our favour can be seen here:

Adjudication 6
Adjudication 7
Adjudication 8
Adjudication 9
Adjudication 10
11-03-2014 PPS takes over North Devon car park
The latest car park to come under the professional management of PPS is on Exeter Road, Braunton in North Devon. The 33 space car park has now become a Pay & Display facility replacing the former barrier system.

PPS General Manager said: "For this type of car park Pay & Display offers a far more reliable and accountable system. Also, by ensuring that everyone pays for the time they want to park, there is a fair rotation of space available which doesn’t block off new visitors and new business."
11-03-2014 Genuine Appeals Feedback from Driver
"Thank you for taking the time to consider my appeal. I have read your letter, website and the POPLA website and understand now why I am liable for the charge (the ticket was incorrectly displayed). Sorry for taking up your time and you will receive the reduced payment from me very shortly. You have handled this case efficiently and fairly still providing me the opportunity to pay the reduced amount."
10-03-2014 POPLA appeals and pre-estimation of loss
In the latest round of Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) service adjudications PPS continue to win these appeals including where drivers have relied on a perceived genuine pre-estimation of loss issue. The advice given on many internet forums is inaccurate, so please be aware that this is NOT a genuine reason for appeal and as can be seen from these adjudications this is not accepted by POPLA.
Examples of recent adjudications found in our favour can be seen here:

Adjudication 1
Adjudication 2
Adjudication 3
Adjudication 4
Adjudication 5
16-10-2013 DON'T BELIEVE THE FORUMS Victory in the County Courts

Judge endorses POPLA decision!

On 11 October 2013 in the Oxfordshire County Courts PPS successfully pursued payment for an outstanding Parking Charge Notice (PCN). The driver had chosen to challenge payment of the PCN issued to them. This is despite appealing to POPLA (the new independent appeals service) who also refused the drivers appeal after we had turned the appeal down initialy. The judge stated that the POPLA judgement had been fair, reasonable and additionally ruled that the £100 charge was also fair and not excessive. As a result the driver will have to pay this PCN, our court costs and additional interest on the outstanding amounts.

This driver will now receive a county court judgement against them if the outstanding order is not paid. This will hinder their ability to secure any future borrowing, loans and mortgages.

The moral of the story is - park correctly; otherwise pay your PCNs and don't believe the forums! PCNs are enforceable as we continue to demonstrate with the support of the county courts.
08-08-2013 New Pay & Display Site in Hull
We have today opened a new Pay & Display car park in School Street, Hull.
31-07-2013 New Pay & Dispay Site in Swindon
PPS are pleased to announce the opening today of a new Pay and Display Car park at 20 at the Kings, Swindon.
13-03-2013 New Pay & Display Site in Exeter
We are pleased to announce that we have today opened a new Pay & Display car park in Northernhay Street Exeter.
07-06-2012 TV news report 6th June 2012
Further to a Television news report aired last night (6th June 2012), regarding a company named "Premier Parking Services" and court action involving that company over alleged signage issues in a car park in Somerset. We would like to make it clear that "Premier Parking Services" has absolutely no association with us, Premier Parking Solutions Limited. We would also note that all of our signs and procedures fully conform to the British Parking Associations Codes of Practice and our systems, signs and procedures have been vindicated in court on numerous occasions
23-04-2012 Double success in the County Court
Premier Parking Solutions were again successful in the small claims court on Friday 21 April. Senior District Court Judges sitting at both the Exeter and the Torquay and Newton Abbot County Courts ruled in PPS's favour dismissing the spurious and ultimately unsubstantiated claims made against them for parking infringements at Dean Clark House, Exeter. The judges reinforced previous rulings that if vehicles parked contrary to the advertised terms and conditions they were liable and justified in having enforcement action taken against them by PPS. These conditions included parking outside of the marked bays, even if just marginally. The judges confirmed that the signage and line markings in the car park was fit for purpose, clear and unambiguous and the charges levied by PPS were wholly reasonable and within existing guidelines. These judgments agreed with and further cemented previous rulings made in cases at the Bristol and Exeter County Courts and should serve as a warning for those drivers who incorrectly follow erroneous and ultimately expensive "parking advice" contained within the numerous parking forums, money saving websites and blogs on the internet. It is also worthy of note that in the most recent tribunal in Exeter the claimant was advised to pursue the matter further by a police constable, as he considered the parking enforcement unwarranted and the line marking insufficient. The judge did obviously not agree with this (as also proven by the photographs taken at the time) and the PC ultimately contributed to the claimant making a spurious claim and adding further costs.
23-04-2012 Acorn Blue
PPS are proud to announce the opening of a new car park in Newquay at the site of the Hotel Rivera on Lusty Glaze Road. This car park is ideally located near Lusty Glaze beach and will serve the bustling summer holiday period in an area well used by locals, visitors, walkers and surfers alike. Parking is levied at £1 per hour and is competitive with other parking facilities in the area.
29-02-2012 Further PPS success in the County Courts
On 24 February PPS again successfully defended its parking enforcement operation in County Court, the judge was clear in his criticism of the claimant. He stated that the claim was frivolous and without foundation. He commented that the vehicle had parked outside of the bay and there was simply no case for PPS to answer and furthermore the legal advice that the claimant had sought and followed was baseless. The judge further commented that the signage was clear and if the driver was not happy with the parking arrangements that he was free to park elsewhere. Satisfied that PPS had acted wholly appropriately the judge struck out the claim and the claimant had to bear all of the associated additional costs.
16-02-2012 New Railway Station Car Park
PPS has secured another railway station car park, this time providing close by and overflow parking facilities to the popular and very busy Derby terminal. These spaces are adjacent to the nearby Hallmark Hotel and the overflow area is just off Hulland Street. Our competitive rates undercut all others in the area and permits are available. Please call us for further details.
16-02-2012 PPS have just obtained further County Court judgments
With regards to our ongoing enforcement services against those drivers who do not pay their outstanding Parking Charge Notices (PCNs), PPS have just obtained further County Court judgments and admissions in the following cases at our Station Road Car Park, Didcot:

52192 56006 55821 55824 56601 56691 55874 58769 59216 62281 59972 59975 59983
16-11-2011 Kitsons Solicitors update
With regards to our ongoing enforcement services against those drivers who do not pay their outstanding Parking Charge Notices (PCNs), PPS have just obtained a number of County Court judgements and admissions in the following cases:

42 outstanding PCNs at our Sussex House and Ifield Road Car Parks, Crawley, W Sussex:

47437 45461 38576 38553 38473 38541 38525 38511 56763 45286 48872 44934 44914 45753 44618 45111 44876 50684 42190 42164 38675 38539 36403 34686 49122 45002 43133 43919 40676 38188 38048 39885 42116 38421 38589 38569 38198 35152 37400 35979 15657 16704

6 outstanding PCNs issued at Central Station, Exeter:

54987 52744 49945 49828 49694 49685

21 outstanding PCNs incurred at Great Western Hotel, Swindon:

65172 63616 62238 59997 58781 49060 49041 49038 53098 53092 53069 52257 48944 47730 47724 47712 47711 47993 47951 44723 34313

13 PCNs incurred at our Station Road Car Park, Didcot:

62269 62265 59257 56677 56610 55846 49011 53093 52229 48984 48935 48973 43224
31-08-2011 Kitson Solicitors update
Further to our appointment of Kitson Solicitors we are pleased to annouce a 100% success rate in recovery of monies from cases submittted to them to date. This reinforces our commitment to our clients to provide a meaningful enforcment service with a willingness to proceed cases to court if necessary, this is backed by further successful County Court actions. Details to follow.
03-06-2011 "F" v Premier Parking Solutions Ltd, Bristol County Court 3rd June 2011
PPS successfully defended a claim against our enforcement services at Dean Clark House Car Park in Exeter in Bristol County Court. The judge agreed that the driver had parked carelessly thus blocking the use of three other parking spaces throughout the day. In passing judgment she made comment on the clear and unambiguous signage in use, approved the use of enforcement at this site and stated that the excess charges levied were fair and reasonable.
Additionally PPS were awarded costs in this case adding to the expenses of the claimant.
17-05-2011 Hull Ferry Terminal
PPS are pleased to announce that they have again been appointed to manage the Zeebrugge and Rotterdam multi story terminal car parks for P&O North Sea Ferries, Hull
01-05-2011 Kitson Solicitors
PPS are pleased to announce the appointment of Kitson Solicitors debt recovery team to challenge drivers with multiple unpaid Parking Charge Notices. This demonstrates our commitment to ensure that our clients have a fully operable and dedicated enforcement service.
01-04-2011 Pier Street The Hoe Plymouth
PPS opens a new P&D car park at Pier Street, the Hoe, Plymouth. This follows hard on the heels of the opening of our Brunel Way car park at Millbay Docks, Plymouth.
20-05-2010 Crossways Shopping Centre Paignton
Now open the multistory pay and display car park at Crossways Shopping Centre Paignton. Located off Hyde Road this car park is newly refurbished, with a reduced tarrif, increased spaces and extended opening times.
18-08-2009 George Arcade (South Molton)
George Arcade Pay & Display car park in South Molton is now open. PPS have managed to allocate 45 Pay & Display spaces which are available to members of the public.
05-07-2009 Self Ticketing Package
PPS has introduced the Self Ticketing Scheme. This is an ideal solution for small sites. Clients are able to ticket unauthorised vehicles on their premises.