Pay & Display

PPS supply and install Pay & Display equipment tailored to suit our clients needs.

We take care of everything from installation, maintenance, cash collections, enforcement, line marking and appropriate signage conforming to International Parking Community standards.

This full installation package is completed at our expense. We recover our set up costs via a percentage of car park Pay & Display revenue.

We will cary out regular cash collections, banking and maintenance checks with all costs being met from our percentage of the Pay & Display takings. So at no time are any costs incurred by the client.

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Retail Parks

Retail Parks are often abused for long term free parking by drivers who are not using the retail facilities.

With PPS's enforcement, you decide how long motorists can park. Implementing a maximum stay, will ensure turnover of spaces, and allow more customers accessibility to your retail outlets.

"Our retail park used to be full of cars, where drivers had wandered off site and were not using our facilities. With PPS's management we have now regained control of our car park and given customers the accessibility to shops."- Alphington Retail Park

Parking Charge Notice
Our car park management also includes enforcement by the issue of PCN's to vehicles contravening the conditions of parking. Once PCN's have been issued any non payments are referred and pursued through the DVLA via our debt collection agency. Car park enforcement can be used in your Pay & Display car park or private parking area.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

ANPR has increasing become an effective tool in managing your car parks with cutting edge and bespoke equipment and services. This equipment is designed to accurately monitor vehicles entering and leaving your site and capture number plate images which allows us to effectively evidence car parking transgressions.

These parking parameters, which often include a maximum stay period to increase car parking turnover on site, are determined by our clients and are therefore compatible with your needs. Having obtained registered keeper details from the DVLA, we have them forwarded to the registered keepers address for payment / request driver / hirer details.

The ANPR approach is ideal for clients with high capacity car parks such as retail parks, service stations and “free”, time limited car parks. It offers the following additional benefits:

- Fully automated with no staffing requirement
- Operates 24/7, 365 days a year
- Effective in tackling over-stay or unauthorised use
- Non confrontational