PPS specialises in locating land no matter what size or condition it may be in, and turning it into a profitable asset for the landowner, or organisation.

There are many car park management services that we at PPS offer, all tailored to suit individual needs depending on the size and location of the potential car park.

At PPS we have a variety of clients using a range of our services for different types of land. We manage car parks which are already established, private roads which need patrolling, and revitalize land which is currently awaiting development, planning permission or simply lying unused, turning it into an income generating car park.

Our professional representatives provide a free no obligation site visit for each and every prospective client. This ensures every possibility for your potential car park is discussed in detail, certifying that the management service put in place is most financially beneficial for you.

Our dedicated staff will manage the car park in its entirety. This will be from the set up of the car park, the installation of ticket machines if your site is to be generated into a Pay and Display car park, signage and line marking. We maintain the ticket machines and employ a full and transparent audit trail of all monies taken.

If you think our services would be of interest to you, why don't you get in touch so we can organise for one of our management team to come and survey your land to see what we could potentially do for you.


“Parking is often an emotive issue and it would be naive to suggest that all users are happy with the resulting PCN's issued, however we find that PPS take a both pragmatic and symathetic approach and we work together to ensure that PCN's are enforced fairly and overturned when necessery...” Plymouth City Council

“We are happy with the professional and efficient manner in which PPS Ltd acts...” Tremough Campus

“PPS have created and managed for us a 250 space car park in an effective professional and honest manner to our mutual gain for the last 18 months...” Palace Street Developments